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Pure Hearts R Us (PHRUS) is working to achieve a country where everyone has a place to call home and the ability to achieve their financial dreams. PHRUS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Housing Agency dedicated to guiding consumers onto the path of sustainable homeownership and improving their overall financial health.
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Home Ownership Pre-Purchase Counseling

Why Is Everyone Excited About Our “Wow, I’m Home!” Pre-Purchase Counseling Program Where You Can Get 100% Financing?

  • With a FICO score of 620 or better, you will receive incredible terms otherwise unavailable!
  • You will learn about new homebuying opportunities you wouldn’t have known about otherwise!
  • There will be many more programs for you to choose from!
  • And yes! You can qualify for up to 100% financing (zero down payment) as well as pay no closing costs!
  • You’ll pay no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on some of our programs even with low or no down payment!
  • You can qualify for a Fresh Start even after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or a Short Sale!
  • You’ll have FHA and Conventional Financing available to help with down payment and closing costs!
  • You’ll have Credit Counseling available if you need help getting qualified for a loan!
  • And you will receive complimentary Financial Planning for achieving life-long financial success and security!

Pure Hearts R Us’ “Wow, I’m Home!” Pre-purchase program starts with a 1-hour consultation that determines where you currently stand for homeownership. During this consultation, a credit report is pulled. This gives us a picture of your spending habits and will tell us whether you can presently qualify for an affordable mortgage. Your credit report will also tell us how the banks will judge your mortgage readiness and creditworthiness.

This initial consultation will help your Pure Hearts R Us counselor design an Action Plan for you. After this consultation, we will know if you are mortgage-ready right now, or whether you will need Pre-purchase counseling to become ready. This first 1-hour consultation session costs $75.00 per person and pulling your credit report will cost $21.00. A total of $96.00.

If your consultation establishes that you ARE ready to buy, your counselor will help you determine the mortgage amount you can comfortably afford, and which loan program will best meet your needs. Also, you will be directed to take the 8-hour Home Buying Educational Certification Course. This can be done at a Pure Hearts R Us in-person group setting, or at your leisure online.

For more information and to enroll, visit

Kill Debt and Build Credit!

This program includes:

  • Credit Counseling
  • Financial Capability and Debt Management
  • An Action Plan to help you with your Financial Goals
  • Credit Building and Increased Credit Scores
  • Student Loan Debt Management
  • Collections
  • Budgeting
  • What to do if you are a victim of Identity Theft
  • Complimentary Financial Life Planning
  • A Blueprint for Success!

Pure Hearts R Us’ “Kill Debt and Build Credit!” program starts with a 1-hour consultation that determines where you currently stand in terms of achieving your financial goals. We will examine derogatory or negative marks on your credit report for their validity or inaccuracy, and to determine whether you might be a victim of identity theft. This initial consultation will cost $75.00 per person and the credit report will cost $21.00 for a total of $96.00.

For more information and to enroll, visit

Life Essentials Educational Program (L.E.E.P.)

Life Essentials Educational Program (L.E.E.P.) featuring Credit Counseling also included is the “Learn the Credit Secrets Book” along with many other credit and personal finance strengthening tools.

For more information, visit

Boots Across America

Pure Hearts R Us is dedicated to providing financial education and homeownership services and support to military personnel and their families throughout America. With the help of a strong network of professionals and volunteers across the nation, Boots Across America continually searches for ways to support military personnel and their families through the inevitable fluctuations of economic and political climates.

As Certified Military Home Specialists, Pure Hearts R Us’ certified housing counselors help our military servicemen and women achieve affordable and sustainable home­­ownership. Children of veterans and military personnel are eligible to take our youth financial education for workshops for free. And their families can receive free Financial Life Planning as well.

For more information, visit

Post-Purchase Counseling

Post-purchase counseling is offered in one-on-one sessions that provide the new homeowner with the kinds of information that will help to make the homeownership experience a fully rewarding one.

The object of Post Purchase Counseling is to provide the new homeowner information for carrying out the responsibilities of homeownership with confidence and tools for maintaining sound, sustainable homeownership.  Information includes tips for cost-effective do-it-yourself home maintenance as well as education on things like legal considerations for homeowners and making sure homeowner’s insurance is as cost-effective as possible while offering proper coverage for particular needs.

The overall goal is to set the homeowner up in a stable, stress-free position to protect and enjoy their major investment. To this end, you will also be offered a free Financial Needs Analysis, your customized tool for charting your homeownership course, and you will be offered free Financial Life Planning which will arm you with a simple but thorough action plan for assured homeownership and life-long financial success.

For more information, visit

Financial Capability

Pure Hearts R Us is dedicated to bringing financial education to families and individuals that will help them define and then reach their financial goals. This educational service concludes with an individualized Action Plan — a blueprint for success that you and your family can refer to at any time. Your Action Plan is what you and your counselor have designed to illuminate the specific steps toward accomplishing your financial goals. In this goal-achievement process, your counselor will help you identify your spending habits on a monthly basis.  With your goals in focus, it will be easy to see what adjustments should and can be made to your monthly budget to accommodate them.

This Financial Capability Service serves as a foundation for Free Financial Life Planning which will fine-tune your action plan with specific strategies for building toward your goals. The financial planning process utilizes a free, comprehensive Financial Needs Analysis that drills down to the best options for achieving such things as sustainable homeownership, college funding for your children, and financial independence in retirement along with any other goals and dreams you may have where financial management comes into play.

Pure Hearts R Us’ Financial Capability Course will be offered online, coming soon.

For more information, visit


Financial Life Planning

No matter your current economic situation, you need a Financial Life Plan. Financial Planning is about looking at where you are now in your life and determining where you want to be in the future. It’s defining the dreams and goals you want to achieve, including homeownership, then building strategies for the most cost-effective ways of accomplishing them.

Financial Planning produces current financial stability while ensuring life-long financial security and independence.

Pure Hearts R Us offers a complimentary Financial Needs Analysis through a Licensed Fiduciary for each of its Homeownership and Credit Counseling clients.

Includes: College affordability planning, retirement income planning, and estate/legacy planning.

For more information, visit

Real Estate Services

  • Purchases, Brokering, and Client Representation
  • Acquisition, Rehab, and Sale of the Property
  • Commercial Development
  • Short Sales
  • Search Properties
  • Listing Notifications
  • Home Valuation

For more information, visit


Renter’s Counseling

Renting can pose a variety of problems. Some renters might struggle to make their monthly payments. Others may find themselves facing eviction.  Some might be struggling to find a place to rent rental due to a poor credit history.

Pure Hearts R Us offers counseling to those who are facing challenges as renters as well as renters who would like to be homeowners at some point in the future.

Your counselor will work with you to determine the steps necessary for remedying your current situation. You will also be offered a free Financial Needs Analysis and free Financial Life Planning which will arm you with a simple but thorough action plan for eventual homeownership and life-long financial success.

For more information, visit

Business Entrepreneur Opportunities

Pure Hearts R Us knows that it takes earning a certain amount of income to be ready for owning a home.  We have debt elimination and credit building tools for helping households stretch the amount of current income available for homeownership, but in many cases that just won’t suffice.  More income is needed than what available jobs are offering.

Have you ever thought of starting your own business on the side?  Your own business where you’re the boss? That is a dream many of us share. But the cost!  Who has the tens to hundreds of thousands it takes to go into business for yourself?

What if it took no more than $300 to start your own business?  Or even as little as $100?

Pure Hearts R Us’ Business Entrepreneurial Program is designed to offer education about the required qualities of successful entrepreneurship.  But beyond that, we also offer suggestions for actual entrepreneurial opportunities with which we have seen people become financially successful.

These opportunities include a financial services business, a travel business, learning real estate, a health and wellness business, and a business involving state-of-the-art video communications. We are excited about our program and these particular entrepreneurial opportunities, any of which could have a major impact on an individual’s or household’s future prosperity.

For more information, visit

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