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While every effort is made to keep information provided over the internet accurate and up-to-date, the City of Lancaster does not certify the authenticity or accuracy of such information. No warranties, express or implied, are provided for the content, records and/or mapping data herein, or for their use or interpretation by the User.

The City of Lancaster assumes no legal responsibilities for the information or accuracy contained in this data, including any action taken from reliance on any information contained herein and shall have no liability for any damages, losses, costs, or expenses, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising from the use or misuse of the information provided herein. The User’s use thereof shall constitute an agreement by the User to release the City of Lancaster from such liability.

By using this information, the User is stating that the above Disclaimer has been read and that he/she has full understanding and is in agreement with the contents.

Third-Party Link

The City of Lancaster website may contain links to local, state, and federal government agencies and to other websites. The inclusion of such links does not constitute an endorsement of the destination website nor the content, viewpoint, accuracy, opinions, policies, products, or site accessibility. Nor does any linkage between the City of Lancaster and a third-party website imply sponsorship of that website.


ADA Section 508 Compliance

The City of Lancaster is committed to the universal accessibility of information contained on its website (“Website”). The design of this Website is optimized to ensure broad readability and usability, which include accessibility criteria and features for people with disabilities, so they may be able to see, understand, navigate, interact, and contribute to this Website effectively. This Website is currently a combination of new and old technologies, and new and existing content. Consequently, portions of this Website may not be in compliance with Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (collectively, “Guidelines”) and some existing content may meet only the minimum required compliance standards. This will be resolved as the City of Lancaster continues to redesign and update this Website. However, this may not include third-party products that the City of Lancaster does not maintain or control, such as software/tools, search engines, widgets, Add Ins and APIs.

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