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Gorman Learning Center is a personalized learning public charter school serving grades K-12. We are a public school, free to all students. Our students work from home under the supervision of their parent(s) or guardian(s). Families enrolled in Gorman are paired with a credentialed teacher who works with them to create a personalized learning plan which focuses on the students goals, strengths, and interests. This plan includes curriculum, assignments to complete at home, and so much more. Families can utilize any of the following methods to supplement their students’ educational plan: tutoring, in-person workshops at our resource center, vendor course instruction, virtual workshops and courses, field trips, and more. Our ASB even offers opportunities to participate in school functions and fundraisers as well. Students in the Antelope Valley are welcome to attend in-person workshops at our Antelope Valley Resource Center one to two days a week. To enroll or learn more visit our website at or call to speak to our community liaison at (661) 418-7850.

Contact Information

Gem Ross - Community Liaison

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