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What We Do

Lancaster Connect is an online hub of Lancaster community services and resources. Funded by the City through a Los Angeles County Innovation Fund grant, the free website is designed to connect residents to local resources such as legal assistance, housing, education, and more.

Lancaster Connect was developed in response to residents’ need for a source of information regarding local community services. While similar resources exist, they primarily serve the Los Angeles metro area. Local residents often expressed frustration when seeking services via these larger providers. Recognizing that access to these services is crucial for the community’s most vulnerable residents, Lancaster’s Homeless Impact Commission included the development of a local information hub as a goal in the City’s Homelessness Plan. Thus, the City set out to create a hyper-local information source specifically for residents and service organizations in Lancaster. Lancaster Connect is committed to assisting citizens with available services and resources through providing a well-organized and easy-to-use website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site for Lancaster only?

Yes, Lancaster Connect is Lancaster-specific, meaning it features Lancaster services at this time. Other services may be added on a case-by-case basis.

Can my organization be added? How do I apply?

Thanks for your interest! If your organization offers community, health, or human services in Lancaster, CA, it’s eligible to apply. First, visit the website and sign up for an account by clicking the “Become a Provider” button or click here. Your registration will need to be approved by a site administrator and you will be notified by email. Then click the “Become a Provider” button to submit a brief application. You will not see it appear on the site immediately, as a site administrator will need to review and approve the page before it is visible to the public.

A Lancaster organization is missing from your site; can I add it?

If it is not your organization, you cannot apply on their behalf. However, please feel free to reach out to that organization and encourage them to apply!

Can my event be included on the calendar?

If you are a service provider featured on the website, you may submit events for review. Please submit your event several weeks in advance, as a site administrator will need to review and approve the event before it is visible to the public.

Are there accessibility functions?

Yes, please navigate to the Accessibility Menu on the bottom left.

Who updates the website?

The website framework is managed by the City, but service providers may create and edit their own pages. If you are a Service Provider, and already have registered for a user account, but are unable to update your organization’s page, please email the Lancaster Connect team at [email protected].

I still have questions, whom do I contact?

For more information, please contact the Lancaster Connect team at [email protected] or call 661-723-6284.

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