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Olive is an independent, professional organization for the advancement of quality social services.
Olive applies extensive experience in community, faith-based, government, and business collaboration, for family and community resiliency.
Olive brings subject matter expertise in diversity sensitivity and faith to ensure safe and therapeutic settings by requiring respect for diversity and inclusion.
Olive offers Court Approved and Evidence-Based Parenting classes. Other services include: Anger Management, 52-Week Batterers’ classes, Domestic Violence Victims’ classes, Life Skills (Deferred Entry of Judgment & Human Trafficking Victims Programs), and Monitored Child visitation are other services we offer on a Fee-for-Service basis to the community. Professional Training for agencies is also available (i.e. Disaster Preparedness with Safety Tips for Service Providers, Workplace Violence Mitigation and Response), etc.
Olive is a community-based organization, with a faith-based track of services, for individuals and families that are working on accomplishing their healthy goals.

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