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MHALA’s comprehensive services include mental and medical health care, housing, wellness services, employment, educational and financial services, and more. Our services are provided by multi-disciplinary teams. Based on the belief that people with mental health needs can and do recover, MHALA’s paradigm of recovery – meeting people where they are, integrating services, focusing on strengths, and respecting clients’ choices for their own progress – is widely replicated across the country. Everyone has different needs, and our program staff begins the relationship with each “member” by working to understand what that member needs and wants. MHALA offers a full continuum of services, and our members can enter that continuum at any point — whether they are receiving street outreach to residing in permanent housing.

VETERAN ASSISTANCE – MHALA also assists our local veterans through our Military Resource Center. If you are a veteran who is literally homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please reach out for assistance.   (661) 947-1993.

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