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Since 1998, Career Care Institute has been providing quality healthcare education that has seen thousands of graduates over the past two decades!¬†As one of the Antelope Valley’s longest running healthcare vocational education schools, with campuses in Oxnard and Moreno Valley, we have the experience and knowledge to catapult our graduates to a successful healthcare career. CCI believes in providing quality education, transparency, community service and employing industry experts.

We are a specialized school that focuses in the healthcare field. This specialty educational niche has allowed us to provide more effective training that prepares each of our graduates with the necessary skills to obtain employment in their field of study. Our programs emphasize hands-on-training and providing state-of-the-art facilities to provide you a comprehensive and exciting healthcare education. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Our nationally accredited campuses are not only focused on short-term instruction, we are here to train professionals for long-term success. We pride ourselves in delivering quality education for the sole purpose of preparing our students for long-term careers.

All programs at Career Care Institute focus on trades within the medical community and all instructors are experienced veterans within the subjects they teach. We specialize in preparing vocational nurses, limited permit x-ray technicians, medical assistants, and dental assistants. Our complimentary career-planning sessions are an essential tool to see which path will suit you best.

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